Student Hall of Fame

Senn Gelinas

We here at Tri-City School of Music love to celebrate our students. We feel that recognition builds confidence, poise and helps to achieve personal greatness.

In saying that, some of our students teach us as much as we teach them. Working with such talented and interesting principals fills our creative minds and musical hearts with such gratitude.

Senn has come to us with a rolodex of early accomplishments and it’s been such a pleasure watching her continually evolve before our eyes. You could say that she was born holding a musical instrument as she tackles musical instruction with ease and now leads her own students with confidence. She has accomplished so much at a young age that we can close our eyes and already imagine her on Broadway and achieving her goal of creating a produced album by the tender age of 25.

Let us introduce these amazing musicians who not only excel in their music skills but also passionately contribute to the TCSM community.
They have brought dedication and commitment to elevate our musical symphony.

Senn Gelinas

Voice (2015-2021)
Piano/Theory (2019-20)
Theory/composition (2018-19)
Jazz/improv/composition piano (2020-21)

Senn came to us at twelve years old and told us she didn’t like piano lessons and wasn’t really into musical theatre anymore. Flash forward to today, she is accepted into the most coveted musical theatre program in Canada, piano is her main instrument, and she has composed music, lyrics, and script for an original musical. To say she has come full circle would diminish the tremendous accomplishments of this young artist. Senn is driven at a level that would make most of us crazy. It’s not only for external validation; Senn is driven by the desire to know, to experience, and to create. After six years of teaching this headstrong kid, we are both humbled and inspired by her work. Creators and artists hold the world together with invisible thread that society takes for granted. Senn, keep knowing, experiencing, and creating this world until your very last breath.

Written By TCSM teacher

Alishia Castro

Voice student

Alishia has been studying with us for five years. During this time, she has grown from a great student into her own artist. Alishia has always had a fantastic ear and a perfectionist’s approach to tone. Our intention when teaching Alishia was to nurture her inner confidence and inner artist so she would be free to make choices that reflected her personal style and expression. A lot of our lessons this past year have been about musical form, planning dynamics, and energy levels in vocal tone. In the beginning of the year, we set a goal for Alishia to start her own YouTube cover channel. When she met this goal a few months back, we were so excited to see her posting songs that she had worked on herself without us. We are so proud to see Alishia continuing to share her voice and artistry as she goes on to pursue studies in Psychology at SFU. Anything is possible, Alishia.

Written By TCSM teacher

Tanesha Chakraborti

Voice student

Tanesha is a tenacious student with a powerful voice who is up for any challenge we throw at her. In the past three years we have taught her, she has sung in hard rock, pop, musical theatre, and, most recently, classical style. She has participated in local competitions and performed at many community events. Tanesha is also a creator and frequently brings us her own songs—an honor of trust that we are privileged to have. Her writing has evolved with her, and her voice as a writer is now as powerful as her pipes! After many months of Italian art songs, high voice, and technical drills, we asked Tanesha to record a song from a genre we both share an affinity for: classic metal. Tanesha, your best teacher will always be you. Do it your way.

Written By TCSM teacher

Alexandra Newbery

Piano student

Alexandra has been such a pleasure to teach over the last two years! She has a vibrant voice and a fun personality which has enabled us to grow her into an entertaining and charismatic performer. We’re going to miss working with her, but excited to see where her next creative endeavor leads her!

Written By TCSM teacher

Simren Ahuja

Piano student

When we asked our director of TCSM, Marya, to provide feedback on Simren’s musical journey, she described Simren as one of the most hardworking and self-motivated students she had taught in her 26 years as an instructor.  “Simren never gives up on a challenge!”  Marya describes.  “A true gift to work with.”

Simren is an honor roll student at Port Moody secondary who just completed grade 10 IB.  She was featured in a Youtube web series “The Feminist Club” and “Batwoman,” season 2.  She has performed in the school’s musical productions as well as this year’s production of the classic 1974 musical, “Working”, which was showcased in early June 2021.  She is a senior level Bharat Natyam (Indian Classical dance) dancer and has attained the “Bronze star Medallion” along with a “Cross Life saving” certification in swimming.  She is a cabinet member in the school’s Student council, an active volunteer in the community, such as providing 3 months of food for single mothers and their families and helping on site for the Pedalheads big camp, Coquitlam Farmer’s market, and Port Moody Ribfest.

This summer, Simren will be busy completing her grade 8 theory requirements for Royal Conservatory of Music and also taking a Grade 6 RCM piano examination in early August 2021.

Her future goals include pursuing sciences at UBC, completing her lifeguard certification, completing her dancing requisites while completing the required grade 9 Royal Conservatory of music.  Along with the required lengthy repertoire and technique preparation, there are two written grade 9 RCM courses, (equivalent difficulty to a university course that  a 3-hour exam)

With a love for classical music, Simren is an excellent listener and possesses an old musical soul.  She loves to bake and spend time with her family.

With Simren’s determination and focus, we have no doubt her goals will come to fruition.

Written By TCSM teacher

Aryana Sunderji

Voice student

Aryana has been singing with us for three years. In this time, she has learned so much about vocal technique, and her ability to make stylistic choices in different genres has improved tremendously! We thought she might have considered it a joke when we had her make funny animal voices in our first lesson—we teach the feeling and then explain the function. But as she heard the change in her sound, we knew she was on board, and what a difference it made. Aryana is a details person like us, so we work really well on small concepts, and we are always pleased when we hear how she applies it to her whole song in the next lesson. With natural high notes to burn and a keen intellect, Aryana is a pleasure to teach and hear every week. Congratulations Ary! Your brave explorations and patient practice have made you a strong and confident singer. Keep singing!

Written By TCSM teacher

Keira Haley

voice / Violin student

Keira keeps us on our toes with a quicksilver mind and a lot of natural ability. This year, we challenged Keira to learn seven songs for festival: four musical theatre and three classical songs. They were all to be polished, memorized, and recorded on video to submit by the end of March. She knew she was working with a tight deadline to get them all learned in time. Never did she complain that it was too much work, or that she was afraid she couldn’t manage it. At times like this, we have to remind ourselves that she is only eleven years old. After the adjudications, she was awarded prizes in musical theatre and classical divisions and was selected as The KPU Festival’s alternate Junior Provincial Representative or Runner up. Here’s a student whose work ethic matches her enormous potential. Both are rare. Congratulations Keira! Keep up your fine work.

  • 2021 KPU International Music Festival
  • Runner up for Junior provincial representative 14 and under
  • Scholarship & medal for classical voice 11 and under
  • Scholarship & medal for musical theatre 11 and under
Written By TCSM teacher

Kalayla Calinisan

Piano student

Kalayla is an extremely conscientious student who is musically gifted to her core. Her infectious smile and sense of humor light up any room she walks into, and we expect to see many more accumulated successes throughout her studies.

Having completed her Grade 8 theory examination requirements earlier this month, she is now working towards her Grade 6 piano examination in August 2021.

Kalayla’s spare time is spent hiking and camping with her family and friends, as well as listening to music, especially movie soundtracks. Currently, her favorite artist is Phoebe Bridgers.

Congratulations, Kalayla, on all your hard work this year! We look forward to continuing your musical journey together into the advanced levels.

Written By TCSM teacher

Ea Ritchie

Voice/Paino Student

We have been teaching Ea voice for four years and some beginner piano skills for the last two years. She’s always been a motivated and talented student—picking up prizes in local competitions, and singing the national anthem at many community events. This year we picked up a new instrument and it changed everything. After four months playing guitar, she showed us some finger style melodies she was picking up and we challenged her to record a song singing and playing the guitar. After all our struggles and laughs over the piano, Ea had found her natural instrument and opened up a whole new way of singing and expressing herself. Ever the perfectionist, Ea is learning to perform with the message of the song as the primary goal and put everything else in second place when we perform. You will hear, as we have the pleasure of hearing every week, a voice so incredibly unique and expressive that all we can do is listen.

Written By TCSM teacher

Liliana Sinosich

Voice Student

Liliana is a precocious singer with a big voice and a natural ear. This year we have schooled her much older colleagues by mastering the basic level of solfège ear training (with hand signs!) At seven years old, she has the patience and focus to work on challenging musical pieces and to explore technical concepts in singing. We love teaching Lili because she is frank and always tells us exactly what she thinks. Never one to back down from a challenge, we can always convince her to give a second thought to a musical idea she didn’t like at first, or to try something she thinks is too hard a second time. Thank you for all your hard work, Lili! You’re a superstar.

Written By TCSM teacher

We believe these amazing students of ours have inspired your musical endeavors.
If you are interested in taking music lessons with us, even a little, reach out to us. We are here to help you make your musical journey a reality.

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