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If you are looking for composition lessons in Port Coquitlam, help us make your musical journey exceptional by joining our program today.

Join our Music Composition Class for expert guidance, hands-on learning, and a supportive environment to bring your unique melodies to life. 

About Our Composition Lessons

We provide composition lessons for both children and adults in Port Coquitlam. All skill levels are welcome.

Creative Rainbows (Ages 6-9)

Session I

Session II

An introductory composition program is designed for students aged 6 to 9 who have completed at least one year of formal lessons in piano or another solo instrument. Throughout the program, students will explore foundational concepts in melody and harmony writing, as well as the application of various rhythms and touches to craft compelling musical pieces that reflect their individual musical ideas.

At the conclusion of each term, students will have the chance to showcase their creative achievements by performing their own compositions at the term-end recital. Additionally, each student will be presented with a certificate recognizing and documenting their accomplishments during the term.

Pre-Teen Originals (Ages 10-14)

Session I

Session II

For musical students aged 10 to 14 who wish to learn the principles of composition for creating their own music, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum. Each term, students will delve into various topics, including melody and harmony writing, rhythm, time, and the utilization of melodic tools such as sequence, inversion, and retrograde. The curriculum also covers the use of melodical versus dissonant intervals, different techniques to express musical ideas through touch and pedal usage, as well as transcription and transposition.

At the culmination of each term, students will have the opportunity to showcase their compositions during a term-end recital. Additionally, they will receive a certificate recognizing and documenting their accomplishments for that term. This program follows a cumulative structure, introducing new techniques each term to enrich the student’s composing toolbox.

By May of each year, students will be well-prepared to take one of the introductory theory exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music, aligning with their level of knowledge. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only gain a strong foundation in composition but also have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through performance and examination.

Composition/Improv Class

Learn to compose your very own piece for the mid-year and final recitals. The class will be conducted with pianos, but compositions can incorporate other instruments. Festival opportunities will be available (additional cost) for interested students.

Performances of Students and Teachers

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Composition Lessons in Port Coquitlam

If you or your children are seeking composition lessons, Tricity School of Music provides outstanding instruction right here in the heart of Port Coquitlam.
Feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

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