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If you are looking for music lessons in Port Coquitlam, help us make your musical journey exceptional by joining our program today.

Welcome to Tricity Shool of Music, where we believe in the magic of music. Our music lessons are more than just notes and instruments – they’re a journey into the joy that music brings to our lives.

Our teachers Erica and Sylwia mesmerize as they perform a duet on piano and cello, delivering a classic rendition of "Salut d'Amour."

Ryan and Ethan deliver a spellbinding performance, their violin and piano duet breathing life into "Concerto in G major, Presto."

Paulman and Maria deliver an impressive performance, showcasing perfect harmony as they sing "Love is an Open Door" from the Disney movie Frozen.

About Us

The History of TCSM with Marya

Allow us to introduce Marya, the owner and musical director of Tricity School of Music. Take a moment to discover her passions and dedication to a decade of music education.

Marya, the owner and musical director, grew up in her mother’s piano studio and excelled in her musical pursuits. By age 7, she was working towards a Grade 5 Royal Conservatory of Music diploma. After relocating to White Rock, B.C., she continued her piano studies, reaching Grade 10 by age twelve. Marya also took up the Oboe and played with the Delta Youth Orchestra.

At 15, Marya received her A.R.C.T. diploma and earned other prestigious certifications. She pursued music at Kwantlen University College, majoring in piano and minoring in Oboe. Her musical journey led her to perform with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and represent Canada in Italy.

After studying piano performance at McGill University, Marya discovered a passion for film. She later combined her interests by owning a video company and building a piano teaching studio.

Believing in a well-rounded musical education, Marya founded The Tricity School of Music (TCSM) in 2013.

TCSM emphasizes collaboration, technical excellence, and creativity. Marya’s philosophy focuses on mentoring students in interpretive and technical skills while nurturing their creative side. The school encourages students to learn music together, fostering lasting friendships.

As the musical director of TCSM, Marya, with over 25 years of teaching experience, expresses eagerness for students to participate in community events. Despite challenges in the 2020-21 season, TCSM looks forward to students’ involvement in local celebrations and community outreach, emphasizing the positive impact of performances on confidence and a sense of purpose.

Our Music Lessons

We welcome students of all ages, including kids, adults, and seniors. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we accommodate all skill levels. Both private and group lessons are available.

piano lessons

Piano Lessons

The piano is an ideal starting point for music education, suitable for children around 5 years old to adults. Beginners are warmly welcomed.

violin lessons

Violin Lessons

The violin is a string instrument that has four strings and is played with a bow. It creates a range of emotions in music and is used in classical, folk, and contemporary genres.

guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons

We offer lessons in acoustic, classical, and electric guitars, along with bass. The guitar's versatility spans various genres, from classical and jazz to rock, pop, and blues.

ukulele lessons

Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is an ideal instrument for beginners, including small children. The skills acquired on the ukulele can easily transition to the guitar later on.

singing lessons

Voice Lessons

Learn the proper way to use your body to sing with voice lessons, perfect for those who wish to develop their vocal skills and enhance their singing technique.

acting lessons

Acting Lessons

Discover the actor within yourself, embrace the art of acting, and embark on a path of self-exploration and excellence in performance

cello lessons

Cello Lessons

The cello, with its rich sound, spans classical to jazz and contemporary genres. It plays a crucial role in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and as a solo instrument.

music theory lessons

Music Theory Lessons

Music theory lessons are perfect for those who want to deepen their understanding of the principles and structures underlying music.

Music Composition

Do you want to create your own music? Join our Music Composition Class for expert guidance, hands-on learning, and a supportive environment to bring your unique melodies to life. 

Our Faculty

Our instructors possess expertise not only in their respective skills but also in the art of teaching.

Expert Instructors at TCSM

Our instructors have undergone a rigorous selection process to guarantee that our students receive expert guidance from skilled and experienced educators. Beyond the primary goal of enhancing students’ musical skills, our teachers and staff are dedicated to fostering a genuine joy for music.

We want our students to enjoy their lessons and view music as a lifelong pursuit for enriching their daily lives. The positive feedback we’ve received from both students and parents reflects our commitment to providing exceptional music lessons that cater to your individual needs.

Please share your preferred lesson style or the type of teachers you appreciate. While we cannot always guarantee the availability of specific teachers, we are always open to consultation and committed to finding lessons and instructors that best suit your needs. Feel free to let us know your preferences, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Performances of Students and Teachers

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Music Lessons for Seniors/Older Adults

Why Music Lessons Are Good for Seniors - People Playing Guitar

Don’t allow any hesitations about your age to hinder you from embarking on music lessons. It’s never too late to explore the world of music. Many seniors start their musical journey in their 60s, 70s, or even 80s!

Seniors can experience numerous mental and physical benefits from learning music, whether it’s playing the piano, ukulele, guitar, singing, or acting. Let us know your interests, and together, let’s open a new world of music in your life.

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Music Lessons in Port Coquitlam

If you or your children are seeking music lessons, Tricity School of Music provides outstanding instruction right here in the heart of Port Coquitlam.
Feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

Find Musical Instruments and Accessories:

music gallery and academy

Music Gallery & Academy is  a music store in West Vancouver. They offer a wide array of musical instruments, including acoustic and digital pianos, keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, violins, drums, and more.

Since 1988, Benchworld has been your go-to wholesale distributor for premium piano benches and accessories, offering high-quality options, including adjustable, pneumatic/hydraulic, and fixed-height benches.

Located in the heart of Port Coquitlam, Tricity School of Music offers lessons in piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, singing (voice), acting, cello, and music theory. All of our staff and instructors welcome you to a spacious and warmly inviting atmosphere.

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