In Honor of Senn Gelinas

This high school valedictorian has a total of 12 years in vocal training and has been composing songs since grade 6.

Writing her own original musical for three years from grade 10-12, Senn composed the original songs on piano, recorded these songs using Ableton software and arranged the songs with an array of different instruments including drums, piano, strings, horns and voice harmonies! 

It’s estimated that she has spent at least 600 hours on this project at the present moment and is writing the script from the story she is creating from scratch. In highschool, Senn was called upon for a number of different events and vocal performances at awards ceremonies. 

One of these events was a major open house in which she wrote, directed, filmed and edited several informational and promotional videos.Coordinating staff and students, she was one of the main overseers of the entire event.

Look at this talented girl already showcasing her skills in her performance at a young age.
Hear her amazing performances later during the 'HIGH SCHOOL YEARS' (Age 14-18).

Senn has been a part of TCSM since 2015 and since then she has had vocal instruction under our teacher encompassing a wide variety of experience in soprano, classical, jazz, R&B, rock musical theatre, pop, and folk. Utilizing the support we offer here at TCSM, she studied piano lessons under Marya Ricker who is the founder, director, and teacher at TCSM, and also took song composition and music theory classes with David Blinkhorn. This year, she took a more jazz approach while learning a unique approach to chords and composition with our esteemed jazz piano teacher, Dean. 

As you can imagine, her studious nature has led her to an extensive list of accomplishments here and we couldn’t be more proud… see below

Senn's Accomplishments

Tricity School of Music Accomplishments

  • Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Level 6 theory exam completed
  • Level 6 Voice exam completed with honours.
  • CDMF Performing Arts Festival ( 2020 )
  • Awarded 3rd place in Vocal ( musical theatre ), Intermediate Provincial class, 18 yrs and under.
  • 5 years of performances during Poco Harvest Festival & summer stages.
  • Competed in youth talent search BC competition and proceeded to final and all star rounds.
  • Several volunteer performances at retirement homes.
  • Awarded a scholarship ( 1 year of piano lessons with Marya Ricker, fully paid )
  • Awarded a scholarship ( 1 year of singing lessons with Margo Levae, fully paid )
  • Vocal and Piano instructor ( 2019-2021 )
  • Gained 4 vocal/piano students
  • Structured teachings around students’ needs and growing their own unique voice.
  • Taught vocal/piano exercises and techniques.
  • Trains students in ways of performing and performance etiquette as well as confidence on stage.

Musical Accomplishments Outside of Tricity School of Music

  • Placed gold in Kiwanis festival.
  • Arts club Junior Musical Theatre Intensive ( 2018 & 2019 )
  • Vocal ( singing ) instruction under Peter Jorgensen. ( looked in depth at how lyrics, musical dynamics and melody can together be utilized to express the deeper meaning in a song.
  • Lindbjerg Academy ( 2007-2015 )
  • Landed lead roles as Harold Hill in “music Man” and Danny Zuko in “Grease”
  • Performed in 40 shows spread out over 8 years
  • Training in tap and jazz dance.

Looking into the future, Senn has more achievements in mind.

Utilizing her vast education and experience in singing, dancing, acting, piano as well as her experience as a songwriter, she looks forward to attending the Musical Theatre Bachelors program at Sheridan College in Ontario and ultimately, performing on Broadway.

As we said, we can already close our eyes and imagine it. Consider it achieved.

Thank you, Senn, for allowing us to be a part of your incredible musical journey. We take great pride in your accomplishments and consider ourselves fortunate to have had someone as dedicated and talented as you as a student.

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